What I’ve thought for a while about the gay marriage question

I have looked at Andrew Sullivan’s blog entry on the vote in California to ban gay marriage and here is the comment I would offer if the blog had comments: (more…)


What does “change” look like?

I returned from a class last night to catch the second half of Obama’s acceptance speech (one great advantage of living on the west coast is that your election night vigil is generally much shorter than for those back east), and we went to sleep soon afterward.  I have scanned a few websites but the TV has stayed off so I haven’t taken in all that much of what others have to say yet.

I find that the hopeful but sombre tone of Obama’s excellent speech suits my mood very well in the quiet of this partly sunny morning.  Oddly enough, I find myself remembering the Reagan administration and the sea change it brought about how I viewed my life in the US.  (more…)

What I couldn’t help thinking when I first heard “Drill, baby drill”.

I don’t follow a lot of political commentary, so this might not be new at all, but does anyone besides me think it’s really strange, and yet somehow very fitting, to hear this militant slogan from the 60’s modified by the Republicans who want to drill for oil in the Arctic?  Back when it was “Burn, baby, burn”, and the tacit object of the verb was the cities that were undergoing race riots, I took it to mean “it doesn’t matter what we destroy, as our cause is more important, and in fact destruction may be the only way to bring about change” (if it was even that forward thinking–one could argue that catchy shouted slogans are a way to subvert actual thought). 

I wonder how many of the Republicans who shouted “Drill baby drill” from the floor of the convention during Sarah Palin’s speech caught the irony of the echo: the implication that to drill is to destroy.  (more…)