Somewhere in Venice

Somewhere in Venice

If getting lost is the essential Venetian tourist experience, I nailed it today. Unfortunately, getting lost led to more frustration than charming off-the-beaten-tourist-path moments. After finally finding the Frari we listened to our tired feet and hopped a vaporetto headed to San Marco and got to at least see the glories of the Grand Canal. Even better, we got onto a Lido-bound vaporetto with seats in the front so we could catch the breeze as we watched the traffic in the Laguna. Back in Venice proper, this picture is one I noticed someone else taking and decided it was a good one. If I had to find the spot again, I might be able to do it, or I might not. I can see it’s going to take some time before I love the reality of this place as much as I’ve loved the idea of it.

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2 Comments on “Somewhere in Venice”

  1. Venice! So romantic! Sorry you got lost!

  2. bmill07 Says:

    Thanks for the thought and the comment, Liz. One thing about Venice is that there’s really no shame in standing beside a canal bridge with your face buried in a map–everyone who hasn’t lived in Venice for years ends up doing it sooner or later, and it’s a sign that you’re actually exploring the city rather than just being carried along on the tourist wave (although I also discovered that the favorite tourist sites are favorites for a good reason and a good strategy for enjoying the city involves starting with those and then branching out).

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