Independence Day

Every 4th of July that I’m at home I become mesmerized by the exuberance of the individual fireworks displays around Lake Sammamish.  I’m sure that they violate all sorts of ordinances, and no doubt there will be some people in emergency rooms tonight who really wish they hadn’t been so exuberant with the displays.  Still, I love watching them.  Unlike a professionally orchestrated display, this experience is almost random, as individuals set off some rather amazing fireworks here and there, and one never knows where to look for the next one.  This is such a dramatic display of individual freedom that I can’t stop watching.

Eventually, there are some professional displays, one over on the Sammamish plateau, and one near the southern end of Lake Sammamish.  I can tell by the size, elaborateness, and speed of the fireworks that this is more than a backyard effort, even by a fairly wealthy lakefront property owner.  And these are wonderful as well.

In a way, I miss having my fellow citizens around me, as there would be had I gone to a public display, but I don’t miss the traffic jam getting away afterward.  Once the big displays have ended and the air is filling up with the smell of sulphur, I can just come in off the deck and close the sliding door.  Through the open windows I’ll be hearing more pops and bangs for a while longer, but eventually it will quiet down and another Independence Day will have been celebrated.


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