Keeping Computers Alive and Happy

We had the pleasant (and unfortunately too uncommon) experience the other evening of getting two computers back on their feet relatively simply.  I’m writing a quick note about how we did it in case it might help someone else. (more…)


Late summer at Mount Rainier

On clear days, we can see the very top of Mount Rainier from our house (the rest of it is hidden by the nearer Squak Mountain), constantly inticing me to go visit it.  Being two and a half hours from a major national park is one of the privileges of living in this area, and I try to take advantage of that at least once a year.  (more…)

What I couldn’t help thinking when I first heard “Drill, baby drill”.

I don’t follow a lot of political commentary, so this might not be new at all, but does anyone besides me think it’s really strange, and yet somehow very fitting, to hear this militant slogan from the 60’s modified by the Republicans who want to drill for oil in the Arctic?  Back when it was “Burn, baby, burn”, and the tacit object of the verb was the cities that were undergoing race riots, I took it to mean “it doesn’t matter what we destroy, as our cause is more important, and in fact destruction may be the only way to bring about change” (if it was even that forward thinking–one could argue that catchy shouted slogans are a way to subvert actual thought). 

I wonder how many of the Republicans who shouted “Drill baby drill” from the floor of the convention during Sarah Palin’s speech caught the irony of the echo: the implication that to drill is to destroy.  (more…)

The Ellensburg Rodeo and the Roslyn Coal Miner Days

In 1948, my father’s cousin Pat Whited served as a Princess of the Ellensburg Rodeo, and now, 60 years later, as Pat Woodell, she has been named Pioneer Queen for Upper Kittitas County, Washington.  The honor carries with it the obligation/opportunity to appear in various parades and events in the county, including the massive parade connected with the Ellensburg Rodeo.  Having grown up on her parents’ dude ranches, Pat is most at home in western clothing, so she told me she would be a “western style” queen, going so far as to ride a horse in the parade (since the Pioneer Queen office goes to a woman who has lived in the area for a long time, past Queens have chosen to ride in a stately conveyance, thank you very much).   This seemed like an occasion not to be missed, so this past Friday evening we drove across Snoqualmie Pass to spend two nights at the Huckleberry Inn in Roslyn and attend the parade and rodeo in Ellensburg on Saturday. (more…)